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All across the world, more and more people are turning to genetic testing to help find answers to their health issues. I'm here to help you navigate this sometimes complex and confusing new world. I can help educate you on your individual genetics and offer you guidance to get you to your optimal health.

This genetic health analysis is taking functional medicine and health care into a new paradigm, and finding answers that were never available before.

What is genetic analysis?

The genetic health analysis I am offering is based off of a saliva sample. This kind of DNA report focuses only on the DNA that makes antioxidants, which neutralize the harmful free radicals, and other important nutrients like folate, B12, SAMe, choline, and the enzymes that help the body rebuild and restore itself and enzymes that help you handle gluten and break down histamine. It also reports on genes that help create and break down neurotransmitters that may impact mood. Quite simply, when we are able to identify where your DNA may not be working at 100% efficiency, we are able to determine what supplementation, dietary changes or lifestyle changes may be necessary to support you.


After I have analyzed your results, you will receive your personalized 40+ page report that breaks it all down in easy-to-understand language. We then meet in person (or via video conference) for an hour-long session where I help you interpret what it all means and answer any questions you might have. As your individual sequencing results give you great insights into how your body functions optimally, we then can talk about lifestyle changes, which dietary choices will have the biggest positive as well as negative impact on your health and what exercise regimen is most beneficial to you. On top of that, we will know with great accuracy which supplements can boost your many bodily systems. All of this combined, we pin-point your optimal configuration and get you running at a 100%

Each individual is completely different and when we are constantly putting ourselves into boxes that don't fit us, we are only doing more harm than good. A few examples of this is trying to be a sprinter when you should be a long distance runner, or gaining weight on a ketogenic diet when so many others are losing weight or becoming overly tired when becoming a vegan and so many others have more energy than everyone else.


Wouldn't it be amazing to know how your body runs so that you can start treating it the way it needs to be treated? Wouldn't it be nice to stop comparing yourself to others and to just understand this is how you are made and that only you can make yourself feel good? Well, you can. Just make that appointment with me and I'll help get you there.

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